Wine Glass Coasters

I made some wine glass coasters as a welcome gift for friends who attended a fundraiser I held a couple of years ago. Quite often I am asked how do you make them. So, here is a tutorial I have put together to show how to make them.


You will need:

5 x 5″ squares of cotton – scraps make a great scrappy coasters;

co-ordinating threat; and

a sewing machine.

Step One

Chose one 5″ square you want to be the backing of the coaster, then with the four remaining ones iron in half.


Step Two

With the backing fabric face up, place the four folder squares on top. Make sure the fold is towards the middle and the raw edges facing out. Place them just as you would if you were closing the lid of a box.

Pin in place to secure.


Step Three

Then sew around all the four sides of the square. No need to leave an opening for turning as you turn it the right way through the middle.


When sewing tight corners like this I always stop just before the corner and sew on a 90o angle. This will help with making your corners nice and pointy.


Step Four

Trim the corners.


Step Five

Now turn your coasters inside out. Use a pointer or chop stick and push the corners out. Iron the coaster to get a nice crisp finish.

If you wish, top stitch 1/8″ around the outside.



Ta da. How cute is this wine glass coasters. Make six in christmas fabric and give them to your friends as christmas presents.

I have also made round ones, I just used an old cd as a template and followed the above instructions.


Keep on sewing.

Nerida ✂️⏰



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