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Quilt Challenge 30 – Complete

Woo hoo! I finished making 30 quilts this year with a month to spare. I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it but i did, phew.

I have promised myself no silly challenges next year.

So, quilt 28 was my flower hexagon quilt. This quilt top is completely hand sewn together. I’m not really sure when i started putting this top together, it was 7 or 8 years ago. Anyway, I am so glad it is finished.

You can see how my choices of fabric have changed over the years, they start of very traditional and move into more modern fabric.

Next was a Christmas quilt, my cousin-in-law gave me this quilt kit in Canada when we were there 5 years ago. It has been sitting in my stash that whole time and I’m not sure when I never pulled it out and put it together. But i am glad i finally did. I added a little Cotton and Steel Christmas fabric into it.

Picture taken on Smith Road Woolooga over Wide Bay Creek.

Quilt number 30! Another quilt top i finished 7 to 8 years ago which was sitting waiting to be quilted. I wasn’t sure how i wanted it quilted so i never go it finished.

Now that i have Baz (my long arm quilter), I decided to use it as a practice quilt to custom quilt it. I did a floral hexagon inside each hexie, then filled the outside of each block with four different fill patterns.

I then added a floral border, my first time doing that. I’m pretty happy with the overall result.

I have loved making all the quilts i made this year, it certainly has been a busy year.

Here is a snap shot of all 30 quilts.

Happy sewing




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