Orphan Quilt · Quilt Challenge 30

Orphan Block Quilt – City Scapes 

We all end up with leftover blocks when we finish a quilt, they sit there in our scrap pile staring at us very time we add to that scrap pile. 

Last year at the Brisbane Modern Quilt Guild, the members brought in their orphan blocks and we pieced them together to make community quilts. It was a great idea so I decided to do that with my orphan blocks. 

I asked mum if she had any leftover blocks I could have, of course she had plenty so she gave them to me.  Then our quilty friend Mary found out what I was up to and she sent me her orphan blocks. So I have ended up with three different quilters orphan blocks in this quilt, which is great because we all make different blocks and use different fabric and colour combinations. 

I put all the blocks I had onto my design wall and sorted them by size. Most quilt blocks are a standard size, 4.5″, 6.5″, 8.5″ etc so it was pretty easy sorting the blocks into rows. I was not concerned about colours, just making sure each row had blocks all the same size. 

It didn’t take me very long and before I knew it I had six rows together.


Then I had ten rows together. 

Then before I knew it, I had a finished quilt top. Woo hoo! I was surprised how quickly this quilt came together, but it was really quick considering all the blocks were already together. 

The finished quilt top ended up 64″ x 88″ and I couldn’t wait to get it on my long arm quilter and quilt it. 

I wanted to experiment with my quilting skills and quilted each row a different pattern. It took a little longer than doing edge to edge but it was worth it in the end.


I also pieced together all my leftover backing scraps, this quilt was such a stash buster. It felt so good to using them all up. 

This quilt reminds me of the uneveness of a cities skyscrapers, so I took my orphan block  quilt into Southbank for a photoshoot and used the Brisbane CBD as a backdrop.  I have also decided to call this quilt City Scapes. 

I think of all the quilts I have made this year, this one is my favourite. This quilt the 14th quilt I have made this year as part of my 30 quilts in one year challenge. 

I had some many blocks leftover I have started on a second quilt. This second one includes extra blocks from Jenny. 

Thanks for reading, happy sewing.

Nerida ✂️⏰


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