Finish 2017 · Quilt Challenge 30

Another finished for 2017

So far the year I have been on fire starting and finishing quilts. Another project I started over the Christmas break was Noodlehead (Anna Graham’s) Ten Square Quilt.



I feel I need love with this quilt as soon as I saw it and knew I had to make it straight away. I had some low volume whites and a matching black and thought it would make a lovely black and white quilt. So I got started straight away.

This quilt was really quick to put together and after two days I had the top together.  I did have a couple of interpretations along the way. Mainly Elvis and Barney.  I guess it is my fault for using the floor as a design wall.

Then the hard decision of how to quilt it, I really wanted straights lines on the diagonal across it but how was I going to do that on my long arm.  Then a friend advised me that I had to use extra wide backing and wadding to accommodate laying the quilt top diagonally across my long arm.

To get the straight lines, I had to hand guild Baz back and forth across, and I made the space between each cross uneven.  I was very happy with the end result.

The next hard decision was, what colour binding to use. The low volume or the black?  In the end I used most white and a splash of black.



So after one month I completed finished my ten square quilt. Ta da.


Keep on sewing,




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