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So I have been struggling to finding time to learn new techniques on Baz, my long arm quilter. Then I received my monthly newsletter from Gammill and there was a video on how to do ‘quilt as you go’ using the long arm and I thought what a great idea I must try that sometime.

So the following day I found myself in the shed and thought I would try making a cot quilt using the quilt as you go technique. I had some pretty pink fabric I had been saving for a rainy day and that day had come.

So it was pretty straight forward, I placed one piece of fabric right side up, placed another piece on top right side down and sewed a 1/4″ along the seam. Then flipped the top piece over. I repeated that four times and then quilted that section of quilt.

Once quilted I rolled the quilt as usual and added another four strips of fabric and quilted that section again. I used used a basic circle pattern to quilt it.

To give the quilt some definition I didn’t place the fabric nice and evenly, I placed the top fabric on an angle to add an extra dimension to the quilt.

I was pretty happy with the outcome and very glad I had learnt a new technique using Baz.  I cheated with the binding and sewed it on instead of my hand. But by doing that I had a finished quilt in under three hours.

I had left over fabric so made some bunting to go with it.

I have listed this quilt set in my Etsy shop for sale.

If you like to purchase this quilt but prefer it in different colours, send me an email and we can discuss colour options.





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