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Gammill Training Event

Well, I know it’s been awhile since my last blog post, I have been very lazy lately.

I have just spent the last two days at the Gammill Training Event in Brisbane hosted by Judi and Moreno of Quiltshack at the Brisbane Convention Centre. What an amazing two days. As a new Gammill Girl, I am still learning so I have learnt heaps over the last two days.







So we had two teachers come from America Kim Diamond from Sweet Dreams Quilt Studio and JoAnn Blade. Both ladies were amazing and had heaps to show us.

We learnt how to use the Statler to appliqué a quilt, both a simple quilt and a more advance quilt. Then the ladies showed us how to do a whole cloth quilt. The whole cloth quilt just fascinated me, I loved it and can’t wait to try one.

Kim and JoAnn did an amazing show and tell of some of their quilts, most of these were appliquéd.









The Minions, were very popular and Kim and JoAnn showed us how to do an appliqué quilt with a minky blanket they bought at Cosco and cut it down to create an appliquéd quilt. Such a great technique and minky has always scared me so it was great seeing how easy it was to use minky.









Another amazing appliqué quilt which my aunt Colleen would love, she loves dragons. The fire sashing just makes this quilt and Kim and JoAnn showed us a simply way to do it.







This is Kim (left) and JoAnn (right), showing us another sampler of their appliqué techniques. Amazing!












These are some pictures of the whole cloth quilt Kim and JoAnn have designed. Beautiful, this is what i am looking forward to trying on my Gammill. This is just one piece of fabric front and back with a custom quilt design.








This is a JoAnn’s amazing Christmas Baltimore quilt, all appliquéd.

Last but not least, this is JoAnn’s Baltimore Christmas appliqué class which we were taught.









It’s been a great two days learning new techniques, meeting peers,  developing new skills and just having fun.  Now I can’t wait to practice some of these techniques.


Nerida ✂️⏰


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