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Nanananananana Batman

Recently I was asked to make a Batman quilt for a three year old. I didn’t want to use the standard superhero fabric but wanted something more unique. I looked on line for quilting patterns and didn’t really find anything I liked so I thought maybe a could design my own pattern.

So I pulled out the graph paper and started to design a pattern. This is what I ended up with.  Each square was designed to be a 2 1/2″ piece of fabric.


Once I cut out the 290, 2 1/2″ squares for the Batman symbol,  it came together pretty quickly.


Quilt top starting to really look like the Batman symbol now.

image  image

I got the borders on, then the quilt top was ready for quilting. I used a Halloween pattern with a bat on it to quilt it. I think it looks pretty cool.


Well, the three year, just loved his Batman, which I was pretty happy about.

If you would like your own Batman quilt, I take custom orders in my Etsy shop. 






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