Bunting Tutorial

I recently made some bunting and really enjoyed making it, so I thought I would share how I made it.


Tools you will need to make the bunting includes, your choice of fabric, rotary cutter, ruler and marking pens.

IMG_1563.JPG    IMG_1561

I did not use a template, I just made a triangle that was 8″ across the top and 9″ down both sides to make each flag.  Across the top I marked the 4″ mark and drew a line down about 11″.  Then drew a line from both ends of the 8″ line and down to match the middle line.

See my examples below.

IMG_7205.JPG    IMG_7208

IMG_1567     IMG_7216

I made my flags with the same fabric front and back.  I placed the fabric right sides together then drew the lines on it.  I made four flags from the fairy fabric and three from the plain fabric.  You can cut as many flags as you like. I think it looks nice when you use coordinating fabric.


Next sew each triangle together and leaving the top 8″ seam open.


And turning on the point were the you marked the middle marking.


You can chain piece all the flags together, making sure there are in the right order you want them to hang. Once all joined, clip the point of the triangle off before turning it.  This will give you a neater point.


I made my own bias binding to hang the bunting.  I cut two strips of the width of the fabric (WOF), by 2″.  Join the two strips together, end to end, then iron in half, open up and use the iron mark to fold the edges into the middle, and iron.  This make 1/2″ bias binding.

image   image

Now add the bunting to the chained flags. Carefully snip off the dogs ears from flag.


Place the first flag 15″ in from the end of the bias binding and pin all flags into the binding to secure it before sewing together.  Place each flag about 1″ apart.

IMG_1596   IMG_1594

Now sew it together.  Start at one end of the bias binding and top stitch carefully and slowly over each flag. Sew all the way down closet to the flags to secure them in place. Then turn around at the end of the binding and make your way back up.


Your bunting is now complete.

IMG_7267 IMG_7255

Hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and enjoy making some bunting as much as I did.

Nerida ✂️⏰❤️








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