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My sewing space

Well, I have finally moved all my sewing gear down into my sewing shed in the backyard. It’s taken a couple of weeks but I have finally settled into my space and I couldn’t be happier.

image  image

I have hung all the mini quilts I have received as swaps through IG, they decorate the walls and really brighten up the place.

image  image

I have been busily practicing my long arm quilting skills and I am getting there slowly. Thanks to my mum and a few friends who have let me practice on their quilts, I really appreciate it.

image image image image image image image

One of my quilty friends also made me some bunting with dog fabric as a shed warming gift. Thanks Gail, me and The Boyz love it.


Speaking of The Boyz, they have even visited the shed on a few occasions and give it the thumbs up.

image  image

My non quilting friends were so worried I would not see them anymore as I would be spending all my free time in the shed, they gave me some pictures of them to remind me what they look like. Love ya chicks.


Hugs Nerida





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