Meet Bazza

Well it’s been awhile since I have blogged because I have been busy building my sewing shed and getting my new long arm quilter up and running.

We started in April with a landscaper making a flat pad for the shed, once the shed was erected we needed a builder to line it and then an electrician.



Finally getting around to painting it.


Then finally the most exciting day, the long arm arrived, woo hoo!  It took most of the day for it to be built and it was a Thursday so I had to wait until Saturday before I could play.


Lucky for me it was a long weekend, so I had three days to play and that meant 3 quilt tops.


The first quilt off the rank was one that my mum made.  It was stars and I picked a three pronged triangle as the quilting pattern.


Next up was my giant star made with Terra Austalis fabric and I quilted a star pattern.

The Boyz were a bit confused on moving day, it did take a couple of days to move all my sewing stuff into the shed. They still don’t like it now I have moved in full time.  They cry when I am in the shed and they sit on the back deck watching looking down on me.



First three quilts completed. Also I have named my long arm quilter Barry the Beast aka Bazza, so now you have met Bazza.

Nerida xoxo











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