Charity Quilt

Like most quilters I also make charity quilts. I make abouut 3 – 4 each year. This year I have donated one to a work colleague of my husbands.

One night hubbie come home from work and asked me for a favour, he asked if I had a quilt laying around that I could donate. I laughed and laughed, and said of course!!!!

A guy at his work has a 7 year old daughter who suffered from Dravet Syndrome which is a rare form of epilepsy. Layla suffered over 100 seizures a day to varying degrees on intensity. She has been approved to obtain an assistance dog from the Cente for Service and Therapy Dogs Australia, (CSTDA). The cost of the dog is $40,000 to the family.

The family is hosting a Gala Evening with auctions to fundraiser. So I have donated a quilt as part of their fund raising activities.

Here is a link to Layla’s Facebook page and details of the event.

here is a picture of her assistance dog in training. How cute is she.

Here are some pictures of the quilt I’m donating.

image image image image

Hugs Nerida




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