IG swaps

Over the last couple of months I have been  participating in a couple of mini swaps hosted on Instragram. My account on Instragam is quiltaroundtheclock.

The latest one I participated in was hosted by Kate Basti and was called the Rainbow Mini Swap. So what happens is that, you are partnered up with someone else on Instragram and you have to stalk them and find out what they like and make e a mini quilt for them, then someone does the same for you.

This is a picture of the mini quilt I made for my partner plus the extras I sent her.



I love hexagons and love making hexies. So I made a mini hexie quilt using a mixture of fabrics with dark at the bottom and lighter at the top, to create a rainbow a sort of rainbow.

In return this is the quilt I received from Dovile all the way in Lithuania. Of course I love it, because it is hexagons. It is now hanging above my sewing machine.


I am really looking forward to participating in my next mini quilt swap.

Keep on quilting.

Nerida ⏰✂️🐾



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