2015 WIP

March 2015

Ok, so March was a pretty quite month for me quilting wise. I was too busy being a social butterfly and didn’t get any major quilting projects finished. So I’ll just share some of my smaller projects.

I made a couple of blocks for the Bee Hive quilting bee I am participating in. I’m making practice blocks before making the final block to send to the monthly Queen Bee.  I am making all my blocks in Cotton and Steal Homebody And Basic Collections. The block below is the Wanta Fanta block.

I also made two Houndstooth blocks. The Houndstooth blocks look like cats with their hands in the air. 😹

So far I have made five blocks all up.

I also started making some improv blocks with my scraps. My goal was to make one per night and I managed four. I was not very successful with my goal. I’ll have to get back into it and make some more in April. But it did make a bit of a dent in my scraps.

Then I got addicted to making some of these Hour Baskets by Kelbysews. 


And because I was on a roll I found more fabric baskets to make. These ones I found on Crafty Gemini’s blog by Vanessa Wilson in her video tutorial. 


The large basket is made with two 18″ squares and the small ones I shrunk the pattern and used 10″ pieces from a layer cake.  The mini ones are sew cute and really fun to make.

Well that was about all I accomplished in March, let’s hope April is more productive.

Keep on quilting,

Nerida ⏰✂️



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