Bee Hive

The Bee Hive – Quilting Bee

This year I am participating in my first bee hive. A bee hive is when you are in a group of 12 quilters, you pick a month and that month you get sent 11 blocks (I will also make one) so I end up with 12 blocks.  These 12 blocks will make a quilt top.  Then for the other 11 months I make a block a month to send to the other 11 participants.



So far in the bee hive there have been two blocks available for quilters too choose from. A tic tac toe and a star plus. I have made a block of each as practice blocks.



Originally I was going to make this my quilt back for my bee hive quilt. But now I’m thinking of making a scrappy quilt using a block from each month. I’m a bit addicted to Aqua at the moment so I’m going to stick with this colour combo for my scrappy bee hive quilt.

Thank you Alyce at Blossom Heart Quilts for organising this bee hive.



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